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Stanley Kubrick

“I didn’t need to read the script. I didn’t care what the story was originally. I wanted to work with Stanley.”   #EyesWideShut  's   #NicoleKidman   on the lure of working with   #StanleyKubrick  .   #EWS20  


Stanley Kubrick

Seven groundbreaking films. One revealing documentary. Own the   #StanleyKubrick  : Limited Edition Film Collection, including The Shining and 2001: A Space Odyssey in stunning 4K UHD, this October 21st. Pre-order now:


Stanley Kubrick

"Goodness is chosen." A limited edition collection of apparel, inspired by the iconic works of   #StanleyKubrick  . Shop now while it lasts via link in bio.


Stanley Kubrick

It all started with a camera…   #StanleyKubrick  


Stanley Kubrick

The code book. Valid until Friday 13th September, 1963.   #DrStrangelove     #StanleyKubrick  


Stanley Kubrick

Are you ready to play forever and ever…again? Watch the final trailer for   #DoctorSleepMovie   now.


Stanley Kubrick

20 years after   #EyesWideShut   was honoured at the   #VeniceFilmFestival  , the film will screen again at the festival tonight preceded by an all-new short, Never Just a Dream: Stanley Kubrick and ‘Eyes Wide Shut’. The feature & short will be released back into cinemas later this year. Watch this space for further news.   #EWS20  


Stanley Kubrick

Whilst Jack Nicholson was always   #StanleyKubrick  ’s first choice for the role of Jack Torrance, Robert De Niro, Robin Williams and Harrison Ford were also considered for the part.   #TheShining  


Stanley Kubrick

Behind-the-scenes of   #StanleyKubrick  ’s final masterpiece.   #EyesWideShut   premiered in the UK twenty years ago today.   #EWS20  


Stanley Kubrick

Viddy well, droogs... Just one sample of the many combinations of on-set photography, which were chosen for   #AClockworkOrange  's original press packs.   #StanleyKubrick  


Stanley Kubrick

Modelled by Keir Dullea, Malcolm McDowell and Danny Lloyd, stars of Stanley Kubrick’s iconic movies. The official   #StanleyKubrick   Collection is available to shop now via link in bio.


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